Found Sound Song Process

For my found sound, I decided to simply walk around the music school and record whatever was there. I was able to catch the sounds of people talking, along with various people practicing. I was really happy with how my sound came out because it was so varied. There was a jazz combo warming up for a recital, along with  a trumpet player doing warm up exercises.

As for what I added to it, I decided not to add too much. I really wanted the “found sound” to be the centerpiece of the song. I found a tempo and key that sort of matched what everyone else was playing, and just added a few loops. I added the piano chords as well, trying to emulate someone practicing I-IV-I-V7-I for their keyboard jury.

The part I was most proud of was at the end, having the flute end on a B-flat, the tonic of the key we were in. It was just a coincidence  that I had chosen that key, and I was able to take off a few seconds from the found sound recording to have the flutist end on the B-flat.


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