Sampling ethics

I don’t think sampling without permission is ethical. To me, music that someone creates is something that should be treated with great respect; it is something that the artist put many hours in until they got it just how they wanted. I view sampling it without permission as to be disrespecting the amount of work […]

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Mobile song process

This project was definitely my least favorite. Because I have an android phone, I was not able to use GarageBand, and had to find an app that I could use. I must have downloaded at least ten or so apps. Many of the apps were extremely complicated, and I was not sure of how to […]

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Self Remix Documentation

For this project, I decided to remix my first track. I enjoyed the jazz part, but I decided I wanted to add a contrasting section in the middle. To do this, I had the jazz instruments fade out, with them being replaced by various synths and electronic effects. I also experimented with trying to have […]

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Peer Remix Documentation

I decided to remix a song by Emma Patrimonio, “Racing Time”. Because I though the song was very good already, I knew I wasn’t going to make any large changes. Also, because hers was written on GarageBand, and I was using soundtrap, I wasn’t able to edit any of the loops she was using. I […]

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Found Sound Song Process

For my found sound, I decided to simply walk around the music school and record whatever was there. I was able to catch the sounds of people talking, along with various people practicing. I was really happy with how my sound came out because it was so varied. There was a jazz combo warming up […]

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